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How to properly clean objectives

   Cleaning objectives from dust, residual immersion oil is critical to their functioning. High-end objectives are among the single most expensive part of the system and much care needs to be taken to guaranty their long life.

   Here I will provide some guidelines but you can also listen to a great master here.

Oko-lab Incubation chamber

   For long-term live cell imaging we have an oko-lab incubation chamber. This system controls temperature and CO2. To use it you need to switch the control box and make sure the CO2 is in the "open" position on the valve located on the wall in between the SP5 with resonant scanner and the old spinning disk.

   We have several inserts available:

- For a single 35 mm plate

- For a standard slide or rectangular multi-well slide

- For 96 well-plate

- For 6 well-plate

- A open frame to be used for immersion oil

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